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TitanMIMO - A 100x100 Massive MIMO Testbed Based on xTCA Standards

A unique 100x100 Massive MIMO testbed based on telecom standards has been developed which solves the previous wideband over-the-air RF-to-baseband processing channel aggregation bottleneck present in shared, fixed backplane or network testbed architectures, while presenting a scalable RF and baseband processing strategy towards 5G. 

Massive MIMO researchers can now design, simulate, and test algorithm performance under real-world conditions, targeting the entire suite of over-the-air RF signals.

In this paper we cover:

  • The motivation behind 5G Massive MIMO testbeds
  • The limitations of 100x100 testbeds based on backplane standards such as PCIe and GigE
  • How using MicroTCA.4 chassis with Rear Transition Modules and MGTs (Multigigabit transceivers) allows for true 5G Massive MIMO prototyping

Learn more about the TitanMIMO here.

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